Our Projects

We have a range of projects going on at the moment. Take a look at what’s in development…

  1. Everything You Love Will Be Carried Away

We’re very excited to be adapting award-winning writer Stephen King’s short story, ‘Everything You Love Will Be Carried Away.’

Iracundus Pictures’ Amelia, secured the rights by contacting and pitching to King’s agent in Los Angeles at 16 years old. The USP being that a King story has never been produced in the UK before. She now holds the rights to the anthology which Iracundus will be making into a miniseries.

2 years later, Iracundus has raised £35,000 via IndieGoGo, secured Lesley Sharp (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0789093/). We’ve just wrapped the shoot and it’s now being edited at Smoke and Mirrors in Soho, London. Check out our Instagram: iracunduspictures (https://www.instagram.com/iracunduspictures/) for updates!

‘Everything You Love Will Be Carried Away’ tells the story of Alice through her repeated attempts to draft and re-draft her own suicide note. Sat at a little desk in an anonymous hotel room, she tries to express her motivations and sum-up her life and pending death with equally comic and bleak outcomes. This is then intercut with her macabre physical preparations and absurdist flashbacks, the film grows into a powerful study of a desperate woman at a moment of despair. Through each draft and re-draft, her character is revealed like layers of an onion and we begin to understand who she is and how she got here. As the film races towards its surprising conclusion we explore themes of loss, mental illness and the tragic blank space that is left after someone has passed away.

The film’s experimental and theatrically inspired structure is a bold and unconventional way of telling a cinematic story. Most of the action takes place in a single location as we slip between fantasy and reality, the past and present. Throughout the drafting of the suicide notes acts as a natural soliloquy allowing us to understand Alice in a way rarely afforded in modern cinema. Despite the subject matter, the film is not overly portentous or even gloomy. Instead it hovers at the strange and moving intersection between the comic and the tragic.

2. St. Johns

A fictional short film in collaboration with the filmmakers at Oxford University.

Set in an English private boarding school, we meet Robert, whose brother and friends had gone off to fight in the World War One… but tragically ‘died.’

Robert is constantly haunted by their ghosts and flashes back to the arguments he had with his teachers/brothers and friends about pacifists and extremists and the debate of young people going to war.

We see that Robert is torn apart and racked with guilt… but we’re left to wonder whether Robert’s trauma and illusions had got the best of him.


NOTE: All stories are COPYRIGHTED by Iracundus Pictures.

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